Saturday, 28 January 2012

Moneyball or how to waste your money on a cinema ticket

Films like Moneyball make me want to quit watching films all together. The carefully crafted story arch is so conventional and predictable that the over two hour long story turns into an endless torture. We are forced to watch one-dimensional, over-inspirational characters struggling through their existence, but whose relentless spirit and wholesome moral code secures their success and sets a positive example for the enthused audience.

The Hollywood producers see stories like Moneyball as certain moneymaking machines that hit the chord with the cinema-going populous who becomes enticed by the award season hype. As if the ‘Oscar-nominated film’ was a genre of its own; these films have such strong conservative structure which is not only banal but insulting to any intelligent being.

Monayball, The King's Speech, The Fighter, Invictus, Milk, Dreamgirls, Capote, Walk the line... How much more can we endure?

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