Sunday, 3 June 2012

Cannes wrap-up

It looks like I have still lots to learn about the whole blogging thing. I need to be way more disciplined about posting about every single film I watch, all up to date, updated right after watching. For now I am on a lookout for a proper blogging app for android - the one I used in Cannes did not upload the pictures properly, which was a shame. 

But that is not what this post is supposed to be about. I just wanted to list the titles of films that I watched in Cannes. And here it is. To rate each one of them I used a scale from 1 to 5, 1 being an absolute piece of shit, 5 being a masterpiece.

Beasts of the Southern Wild dir. Benh Zeitlin  2
Laurence Anyways dir. Xavier Dolan  3
Lawless dir. John Hillcoat  4
God's Horses dir. Nabil Ayouch  4
Love dir. Michael Haneke  5
Children of Sarajevo dir. Aida Begic  4
Like Someone In Love dir. Abbas Kiarostami  5
Killing Them Softly dir. Andrew Dominik  4
In Another Country dir. Hong Sangsoo  2
Le Grand Soir dir. Benoit Delepine, Gustave Kervern  2
La Playa DC dir. Juan Andres Arango  3
For Love's Sake dir. Takeshi Miike  3
Aqui y Alla dir. Antonio Mendez Esparza  3

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