Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Berlinale: Day 4

Soooo... It looks like my two favourite films so far are Lifa in a Day (which btw I refused to watch at Sundance because I thought it would be lame. Think twice next time, Adam!) and The Advocate for Fagdom. Documentaries proved to be much better than the features presented at Berlinale. That still might change thought!

Here are some snaps taken in the past few days:
 Got tickets!!

Tickets make Adam happy

 Friedrichstadt Palast
Lots of red

A long queue for the screening of Margin Call

 Mariusz likes red carpets.



The red bear.

Here - really wanted to see it at Sundance. Berlinale gave me a second chance.

From the inside of the Berlinale Palast

Bear from the inside.

Portraits of the festival stars.

Early screenings at the Palast.

Bear again!

Urania - Cave of forgotten dreams by Werner Herzog

Red is everywhere!

Goldbaren help me stay awake.


Cold but happy

 I miss my white hat

Bears are everywhere 

Looking all smug

...and then looking all confused

out and about

picture taking

oh crap... it might be tough to get a ticket for this one!

...but we got in anyway!

did I mention that I miss my Sundance hat? 

Trying to figure out the metro

I love the Palast at night!

The red carpet is waiting 

I came prepared :)

We've seen some weird stuff taking place at the festival...

Relaxing with a glass of wine 
 Updating my blog

German beer

I look stoned on that photo!

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